A metaverse making a fuss about their carbon dioxide strategies

Monday 12th July, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*They know that their skeptics are upset about the issue. That’s shy they’d doing all this publicity about it.

*To claim that you will grow more real forests as customers buy more real estate in your metaverse, that has almost a poetic quality.



Tree Growing: The Sandbox has renewed its partnership collaboration with WeForest, a forest restoration charity it previously partnered with in 2014 to plant nearly 9,000 Mangrove trees in Madagascar, and committed that for every hectare users buy of virtual LANDS in The Sandbox, 1% of proceeds goes to WeForest to protect and restore forests in Ethiopia, Zambia and Brazil. The Sandbox will engage with additional nature protection foundations in its ongoing efforts to make a real impact in the physical world.

In the meantime, The Sandbox has recently launched the beta for its Marketplace, allowing artists from the Artist Fund to monetize their NFTs. The Sandbox has pledged to reduce the number of minted NFT copies while improving the technical functionality of the Marketplace. To support the artists from the Artist Fund, NFT drop events will continue while waiting for the new environmentally-friendly technology to come online…. (etc etc)