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Sunday 25th July, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

New Online Exhibition Offers Hot, Critical, Non-Fungible Content
NFS NSFW NFT is a new online exhibition, hosted at 3D virtual gallery New Art City, exploring the critical poetics of this particular not-for-sale, not-safe-for-work, and non-fungible-token moment.

The exhibition marks the culmination of the past year’s work by members of the Art & Code track, a membership-based program for artists, designers, and technologists offered by Rhizome and NEW INC, the New Museum-led incubator. Organized by track members Christopher Clary, Pearlyn Lii, and Mark Ramos, the exhibition features work by themselves, Bhavik Singh, Itziar Barrio, Johanna Flato, Lula Mebrahtu, Nahee Kim, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, Yeseul Song, and Ziyang Wu, across four, richly designed digital rooms. There are also essays by curator and Director of Community at Foundation, Lindsay Howard, and Rhizome’s Executive Director Zachary Kaplan.