Herbert W. Franke solo show at Kate Vass Galerie

Friday 23rd July, 2021 - Bruce Sterling


The father of computer art, one of the leading German science fiction authors – Professor Herbert W. Franke, got fascinated about imaging systems early at the end of the 1940s when he was given the task of calculating electric-magnetic fields, as used in electron microscopes. He comments: “it opened my eyes to things I had never seen before, such as beautiful crystalline landscapes. It soon became clear that if the electric fields were deliberately calculated differently, quite adventurous figures would emerge. That gave me the idea of using other tools of technical laboratories, such as oscillographs and later computers, to create images for artistic purposes.”Current exhibition focuses on three main body of works within Herbert W. Franke concept of Math Art where the artist has been exploring and researching the visual side of mathematics : Drakula(1970s), Cellular Automata (1990s), Lissajous (1998).