V2_Newsletter July 2023

Monday 3rd July, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

V2_Newsletter July 2023
Summer has started. The Summer Sessions residents for 2023 have been selected and a number of them will start to work at V2_ in the coming weeks. This Thursday 29 June 54 BPM, the graduation show of the Lens-based Media Masters of the Piet Zwart Institute, opens at (a.o.) V2_. Friday 30 June we’ll publish the second of Dennis de Bel’s 3×3 radio shows. On 3 July V2_community welcomes the Holistic Technology Salon. The Tryday on 7 July will feature work-in-progress from the Digital Flying Carpet residency, a collaboration between V2_ and Women Connected. We’re on Operator Radio on Thursday 13 July. The Tryday on 14 July features works that were developed during the Winter Sessions residencies. Last but not least in a week from now our new book Technological Accidents, Accidental Technologies will be available.

54 BPM Graduation Show
Thursday 29 June: 18:00-22:30h (Opening)
Friday 30 June: 12:00–21:00h
Saturday 1 July: 12:00–18:00h
Sunday 2 July: 12:00–18:00h
V2_Lab for the Unstable Media & UBIK

54 BPM, the rate your heart drops to when diving into water. 54 BPM brings together film and video installations by 12 lens-based artists. We invite you to dive deep into 12 personal narrative approaches. Take time to slow down. Reduce your tempo to an adagio. Sink into these sonic and visual encounters.

Go up to UBIK or down to V2_ and explore 2 sides of the same surface. Find 6 works at each level. Welcome to the grad show of the Lens-based Media Masters of the Piet Zwart Institute. Featuring
at V2_: Melek Bahçe, Garvan Corr, Aitan Ebrahimoff, Shannon Liang, Luca Ottmann, and Maruša Vehovar. At UBIK: Kotryna Buruckaitė, Yuqing Cao, Veere van Gent, Luis Luján, Mathilde Nai, and Pelle Nijburg.

Curated by Florian Weigl, Garvan Corr, Aitan Ebrahimoff, and Shannon Liang. Thanks to TENT for support.

3×3: Dennis de Bel (online radio) II
Release: Friday 30 June 2023, 18:00h

During these 3×3 sessions Dennis de Bel, Iris Long and V2_ experiment with the format of the radio programme in a series of loose-end, deep-dive conversations on the notion of planetary infrastructure/mega-structures. The sessions take the form of a ‘zoom-in’ journey across time, scale, altitudes and attitudes: from a bird’s eye view (or is it a kite?) down to the ground to the insides of a cave, encompassing topics of planetary computation, data centers, geology, extraction, history of China’s third-front movement, digital-colonialism and so forth. Each episode will be orchestrated with discussions and sound-recordings of data centers, caves and other related sites.

The second chapter will be released on Friday 30 June via v2.nl/events/3×3-dennis-de-bel-online-radio-ii. You can still listen to the first programme via v2.nl/events/3x3dennis-de-bel-online-radio-i.

The Holistic Technology Salon
Monday 3 July 2023
V2_Lab for the Unstable Media
Limited spots, to sign up please email sieta@v2.nl

On Monday 3 July V2_Community invites The Holistic Technology Salon. This is an invitation to co-create alternative futures through multidimensional conversations. In a series of community encounters we will use different types of knowledge – rooted in corporeal and mystical practices – to weave new, holistic ways of being with technology. In a participatory setting we will explore how to integrate eco- and care-centric perspectives into our relationship with contemporary and future technologies through direct experience. The Holistic Technology Salon is hosted by Annika Kappner, Ginerva Petrozzi and Sieta van Horck. We have limited spots, to sign up please email sieta@v2.nl

Tryday: The Digital Flying Carpet Open Studio
Friday 7 July 2023
V2_Lab for the Unstable Media
Free entrance

This Tryday will feature work-in-progress from the Digital Flying Carpet residency, a collaboration between V2_ and Women Connected. Artist-in-residence Robin Rutenberg will test an interactive AR sculpture that reveals a digital sonic library filled with voices and stories from the Women Connected community. Artist-in-residence Laura Rodriguez will test an installation that maps electrical activity in the brain to knitting patterns to render emotions from the community’s stories in digital fabrics. We are open from 18:00 to 21:00h, entrance is free!

V2_ at Operator Radio VII
Thursday 13 July 2023
Tune in at Operator Radio live, or listen later when the show is archived

Every second Thursday of the month V2_ makes an hour of live radio at Operator Radio, the online radio station of Rotterdam. Steffan Hofland, Alex Falk, and/or Arie Altena discuss the program of V2_, and what goes on in the world of art & technology. They spin some of their favorite music, hoping to surprise the listener, and they dig into the history of V2_. Sometimes they invite guests too. Tune in at www.operator-radio.com on Thursday 13 July 15:00h.

Tryday: Winter Sessions 2023
Friday 14 July 2023
V2_Lab for the Unstable Media
Free entrance

In the week of 13-17 February 2023 four artists worked at V2_ on new projects or the development of existing works. They will present the results of their Winter Sessions residencies on this Tryday. Riccardo Santalucia shows No Flags No Wind, Kurina Sohn presents Deepest Unknown, Lana Mesić presents MATCH, and Daniel Simu presents the further development of Acrobotics. The ‘Trydays’ are one-off events that take place on a Friday during the Kunstavond between 18:00–21:00h. With the Trydays artists are given an opportunity to ‘try-out’ a new work, installation or performance. Entrance is free.

Summer Sessions Artists 2023

The Summer Sessions residencies 2023 will start in a few weeks from now. 12 artists were selected who will do a residency either at V2_, or one of the other partner organisations for 2023: Tabakalera, Cairotronica, Metamedia, TEKS, and Sardegna Teatro. The selected artists are Sarah Fitterer, Leon Lapa Pereira, Yeon Sung, Jesus Canuto Iglesias, Erik Peters, Luana Lojić, Tim Høijberg, and Ali Talaat (all will do a residency at V2_), as well as Sophie Mars & Quintus Glerum, Federica Marra, and Siyu Liu.

The Summer Sessions are short-term international art and technology residencies for emerging artists and designers. A network of cultural organizations all over the world sponsors and hosts the residencies. Every summer we offer early-career artists and designers support so they can take part in production residencies abroad. If selected, you will gain an opportunity to work in a highly productive atmosphere with support, feedback and expert supervision. Each Summer Sessions residency lasts approximately eight weeks and takes place between July and September. During this period you will develop your project from concept to presentable work, ready to show.

Technological Accidents, Accidental Technologies
New publication by V2_. Available next week!

“Each period of technological development, with its instruments and machines, brings its share of specialized accidents” (Virilio). But a reversal could also be true: accidents produce technologies. In this publication we inquire into a technology of accidents, but also into the forms of power and authority that accidents materialize. What are the specific accidents of – call them what you wish: artificial intelligence, machine learning, enhanced pattern recognition – systems? What do accidents tell us about the technology that generates them? How are these technological failures tied up with the creation and recreation of economic rationalities? And do the events that come to mind really qualify as “accidents,” or are they rather extended forms of functionality, which may be undesired, but not dysfunctional in the way that the derailment of a train appears dysfunctional?

Edited by Joke Brouwer & Sjoerd van Tuinen. Featuring contributions by Erik Bordeleau, Vera Bühlmann, Paolo Cirio, Florian Cramer & Elaine W. Ho, Ezekiel Dixon-Román, Driessens & Verstappen, Stefano Harney, Lev Avitan, Willem Schinkel, Rogier Van Reekum, Yuk Hui, Cécile Malaspina, Jason W. Moore, Lars Spuybroek and Sjoerd van Tuinen.

Available next week!

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