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“UbuWeb.  All avant-garde, all the time!”


June 12, 2021

Château de Montsoreau

Kenneth Goldsmith
May 22–July 1, 2021

Château de Montsoreau—Museum of Contemporary Art
Passage du Marquis de Geoffre
49730 Montsoreau
Hours: Monday–Sunday 10am–7pm

T +33 2 41 67 12 60

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On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of UbuWeb (1996–2021), the now legendary website founded by Kenneth Goldsmith in 1996, the Château de Montsoreau—Museum of Contemporary Art is dedicating an exhibition to the New York artist, ex-art director, ex-sculptor, ex-artist, ex-poet, and now author.

First laureate of poetry at MoMA, Kenneth Goldsmith is one of the major figures of post-internet contemporary art, and one of the fathers of “uncreative writing,” a discipline he teaches at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Plagiarize your plagiarizers.
Bootleg your bootleggers.
Pirate your pirates.”
Ubu, king of the avant-garde

In the early days of the web, several years before the appearance of Wikipedia (2001), Kenneth Goldsmith created the UbuWeb site in homage to Alfred Jarry, a free platform providing free access to avant-garde artworks that were previously unavailable on the web or difficult to consult. Initially an artisanal archiving site, UbuWeb has enriched its corpus of artworks to such an extent that it now rivals the world’s greatest museums.

By applying the rules of streaming to artistic production, this pirate site offers internet users the possibility of downloading an unfathomable quantity of texts, posters, historical or unpublished videos of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Clandestine and pirate site, defying all copyright rules, UbuWeb registers today millions of monthly connections….