Showtime: an NFT gallery for creators and curators

Sunday 13th June, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

Showtime, also known as tryshowtime, is yet another NFT display platform with yet another design scheme.  Showtime is not a 3D metaverse or a wunderkammer, but rather a set of flat, connected webpages where NFT collections from many different NFT auction platforms are arranged in clickable panes.


The scheme behind showtime is to intensify social media ties between artists and collectors, while bypassing the many different NFT marketing sites and the many and various forms of cryptocoinage and wallets.  Showtime is fast and simple, rather like Instagram,  but Showtime gets the job done of displaying one’s NFTs to others who are likely to appreciate them, appreciate you, and maybe praise you and buy your works or your NFT holdings.


Showtime also has a “trending” feature where the site’s most popular works are brought to the fore on a single page.  Because they’re popular, they’re conventional.  They’re even rather dull.



NFT collectors who are not millionaires have a tender appreciation for cats, landscapes, big cities, skulls, cyborgs, angels, demons, dolls, flowers…   These are artworks whose Internet sensibility has been honed for years on sites such as Behance, DeviantArt or Ello, where artists shared art and hoped for commissions or praise.   Showtime seems to have been created for that generational breed of digital creative, with the awareness that now there is crypto money available to them.


Showtime also has a Discord for relating to its users, developers and business partners.  Discord is extremely popular among NFT professionals; most every enterprise in the space seems to have a Discord.