The new Mush Room in Torino

Thursday 12th October, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

*Well, good luck with that.

Turin has a new club.

Opening its doors late last month, The Mush Room is a two-floor space that incorporates dance floors, bars and recording studios. It’s been launched by a small group of local promoters who’ve spent the last few years throwing parties in the city, and the music policy will focus loosely around house music.

“Starting a club began to feel like a necessity,” cofounder Camillo Battilossi told Resident Advisor. “We needed to find a permanent solution to the fact that there are very few venues in the city.”

Battilossi hopes that The Mush Room can become a vital community hub that will allow the Turin electronic scene to flourish. “The goal is to help the scene unravel more naturally, and to inspire a new generation of artists and producers,” he continued. “Everyone’s been confined to doing private parties recently. We’ve kind of lost the clubbing dimension in the city. Hopefully we can bring this back.”…