The latest Jonathan Keats effort

Thursday 25th January, 2024 - Bruce Sterling

*It’s a pleasure to blog this wacky thing.


Titled “the Millennium Camera,” the project employs photographic devices created out of light-proof copper cylinders that allow only small trickles of light to enter through thin gold sheets punctured with pin-sized holes. As light passes through the device, it will gradually imprint an image onto a light-sensitive surface coated in layers of red madder oil pigment and rubbed with pumice and garlic, inspired by a Renaissance oil painting technique. The resulting impression in 3023 will be a projection of the camera’s view of the landscape.

The daring 1,000-year venture began in 2015, when Keats and his team installed the first Millennium Camera on the Arizona State University campus in Tempe, then later stationed two other cameras at Amherst College in Massachusetts and Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Most recently, another camera has been mounted on top of Tucson’s Tumamoc Hill, where it overlooks the city’s Star Pass neighborhood. Later this year, Keats and his research team plan to install other cameras in the Austrian Alps and in Los Angeles. They are also currently looking into possible locations in China….