Nettime at Transmediale

Thursday 25th January, 2024 - Bruce Sterling

*Nettime could give lessons on unlikely acts of survival.

<3 nettimers, for those in Berlin next week 🕳️ Figure it Out: Ghost Workers 🕳️ Practicing resilience in remote work systems and on platforms with talks Talks by Aleksandra Lakić and Max Haiven and Bonfire storytelling with Mara Ferreri, Valeria Graziano, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak & !Mediengruppe Bitnik \ Tuesday, 30. Jan 2024, 19:00 CET @, Berlin Figure it Out is a collective exploration of stories of ingenuity that people with little or no power devise when systems fail them. The evening at is focused on the inginuity of workers in the global gig factory. Particularly on tactics the workers on platforms such as Microwork, Amazon Turk or Upwork based in the Eastern Europe and the Global South contrive to fake their location or presence to cirumvent scant pay, surveillance and control that is frequently not expected from the gig workers in the Western Europe and the Global North. The upcoming event Ghost Workers focuses on practices of resilience in remote work systems and on platforms. Aleksandra Lakić [1] will be introducing her and Saša Savanović's research on the socio-economic situation and labor conditions in platform economy in South Eastern Europe. Researcher Max Haiven [2] will present his recent collaboration with rank-and-file Amazon workers to write and publish short, speculative fiction stories about 'the world after Amazon.' The subsequent bonfire storytelling is an invitation to participate in a collective reading of stories of such practices we have gathered and to contribute your own first-hand or second-hand stories and thoughts. We intend the reading to be convivial, spilling over into a shared meal. Part of transmediale & CTM Vorspiel 2024. love! - !Mediengruppe Bitnik [1] [2] -- UPCOMING JAN/FEB _Decoding the Black Box, Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen 27.01. - 16.06.2024 Opening tmrw! _ISSA – The Island School of Social Autonomy @ /rosa, Berlin 16.02.2024 With Srećko Horvat & !Mediengruppe Bitnik on ISSA as a place of cultivating forms of knowledge-production and knowledge-sharing for the “age of extinction”. _Media (arts) and politics, online @neme 21.02.2024 Online seminar with Tatiana Bazzichelli, Gregory Sholette, Rachel O’Dwyer, and !Mediengruppe Bitnik discussing the relation between art and politics. Join via Zoom or via stream! _(Un)real Data - Real Effects, Conference, Exhibitions @ Aksioma Project Space, Ljubljana 27.02.2024. Save the date! Curatorial wwwwwwwwwork by us 😉 _Artist Talk: Zwischen Klarheit und Rauschen, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, 29.02.2024 with Carsten Nicolai und Timm Rautert & !Mediengruppe Bitnik _Glitch – The Art of Interference, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, ongoing until 17.03.2024 -- # distributed via : no commercial use without permission
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