Right Click Save, a publication about NFTs

Tuesday 1st February, 2022 - Bruce Sterling


Right Click Save (RCS) is a new online magazine that seeks to drive critical conversation about art on the blockchain.Its aims are as follows:

To engage readers about the ongoing topical and historical importance of NFTs to culture.

To give artists and collectors of the NFT space the same level of respect afforded those of the traditional art world

To help artists, collectors, and the uninitiated to comprehend the changing reality of NFT ownership

To foreground new voices and foster dialogue between different creative communities

To offer the highest quality of art writing anywhere in the NFT space

Right Click Save is part of ClubNFT, a company that seeks to make it easier to discover, protect, and share NFTs. RCS has editorial independence from ClubNFT but shares its mission to protect, support and empower the next generation of artists and collectors. ‍Together, we aim to preserve the value of art in an age of content.