Neri Oxman at Long Now

Friday 4th February, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

Neri Oxman
Nature x Humanity

Wednesday February 16, 02022 at 7:00pm PT
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This talk is presented in conjunction with Neri Oxman’s new exhibition at SFMOMA. Encompassing 40 installations and artworks, the exhibition illuminates her design practice, founded to advocate for environmental health and to “resonate with nature, not against it.”

Working at the intersection of technology and biology, architect and designer Neri Oxman is calling for a fundamental shift in the way we design and construct the built environment – to one that aligns with principles of ecological sustainability.

Oxman and her team draw on multiple scientific fields to invent new manufacturing practices that grow rather than assemble. Oxman advocates for advancing a new kind of ecology in which the assembly line is replaced by environmentally informed multi-functional materials, products and buildings: a Material Ecology.

This emergent field of Material Ecology presents new opportunities for design and construction that are inspired, informed, and engineered in collaboration with Nature

Neri Oxman is an architect, scientist, engineer and inventor, who established the Mediated Matter Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Oxman’s work and philosophy, entitled Material Ecology, fuses technology and biology to deliver designs that align with principles of ecological sustainability. She is the Founder and CEO of OXMAN.

In addition to over 150 scientific publications and inventions, Oxman’s work is included in the permanent collections of leading international museums including MoMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Centre Pompidou, MAK Museum of Applied Arts, FRAC Collection for Art and Architecture, and the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum.
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