Meanwhile, at Serpentine Arts Tech

Sunday 10th March, 2024 - Bruce Sterling

*Via email.

Hello Friends,

Today we’re excited to launch our new online home for Future Art Ecosystems.

Initially, Future Art Ecosystems (FAE) was inspired by the artists we (the Serpentine Arts Tech team) worked with to create artworks that deployed a variety of emerging technologies such as AI, VR and game engines. Through these collaborations we realised the potential of using artistic production processes to gain unique insights into these technologies, as well as the need for a long-term strategic vision for the intersection of art and advanced tech.

Future Art Ecosystems thus started as an annual strategic briefing to share insights and resources with other cultural institutions, artists and the wider art ecosystem. Accompanying the release of these briefings – Art x Advanced Technologies in 2020, Art x Metaverse in 2021 and Art X Decentralised Tech in 2022 – numerous partnerships and projects emerged to deepen our research: from our Legal, Creative AI, Blockchain and Synthetic Ecology labs prototyping new tools and insights, to playtests and discussions on Twitch, and gatherings and open calls exploring topics such as new models of ownership and interdependence.

At the core of all of these endeavours has always been an ever-growing community of artists, technologists, policy-makers, researchers and fellow organisations that share our mission. We’re deeply grateful to have gathered such an eclectic group of talented people around us – and more committed than ever to continue our journey together.

We’ve re-built our website from scratch to do justice to the evolution of FAE. You can find all our strategic briefings to read and download, get insights into our work-in-progress via Notion pages and find out about new opportunities and ways to get involved via our community channels.

And if that wasn’t enough already, we’re launching Future Art Ecosystems 4: Art x Public AI on March 19. Please find your invitation below – we’d be excited to see you live on Twitch.

Yours truly,

Victoria, Kay, Eva, Ruth, Lina and the Serpentine Arts Tech team, with eternal thanks to Roxy Zeiher and James Wreford for the design and development of the website.