Laura Kampf’s makertainment trailer-home

Sunday 16th April, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

*The best part of this summary video is when she casually confesses that she once lived in the back of a van for five years.

*It’s an admirable punk DIY structure, especially with its matte-black and chrome color scheme. Personally, I’d worry about sleeping in a place so heavily composed of plywood, adhesive and screws, but that’s also the condition in which Laura Kampf works every day.

*It’s also of interest that so much of this structure is made of Laura Kampf’s signature salvaged “obtainium.” Also the surreal in-built “furniture” has almost nothing to do with anybody’s standard idea of furniture; it’s all so spontaneously generated by her think-make-and-do performance process that she’s hard put even to draw it.