Here comes Transmediale 2024

Sunday 21st January, 2024 - Bruce Sterling

** transmediale 2024
you’re doing amazing sweetie

** Jan 31–Feb 4, 2024
The festival week is getting closer – day passes for Seasons 1 & 2 and the Reunion are still available as well as tickets for the closing concert on Saturday evening. Registration for the two workshops ( of our partner programme is open now. And the highlight of this week: Vorspiel ( is starting!

Tickets (
29 Jan: Marshall McLuhan Lecture, Embassy of Canada
sold out, no live stream BUT recording available asap
31 Jan: Festival Opening, silent green
free admission
1–2 Feb: Season 1 and 2, silent green
festival/day passes only – no live stream, documentation available asap
3 Feb: Reunion, HKW
festival/day passes only – live stream, documentation available asap
30 Jan: Exhibition Preview
31 Jan–14 April: this is perfect, perfect, perfect
Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien – free admission
26 Jan–14 April: Uncensored Lilac
transmediale studio in silent green – free admission
26 Jan–4 Feb: Oceanic Refractions
Kuppelhalle in silent green – Book your timeslot ticket (

** silent green Kulturquartier

** Festival Opening

** 31 January, 18:00
Join us for the public opening of transmediale 2024 at silent green Kulturquartier. The opening night’s programme ( features the international premiere of MUTUALISMX: Becoming Sonic Networks by hexorcismos in collaboration with Kloxii Li and Ale Hop, presenting their “sonic becoming” in the form of a planetary-spanning generative AI music and visual album. From the Garden of Eden to Greek mythology, MengXuan Sun explores the potency of「apple」power in a new performance piece. The evening will end with a DJ set by Vani-T.


** Vorspiel

** 19 Jan–4 Feb
Vorspiel is a citywide programme by independent spaces and initiatives – this year 77! – around transmediale and CTM festivals. For over ten years, the two-week event series acts as the pre-festival programme created and hosted by independent project spaces, galleries, cultural initiatives, curators, organisers, and artists. Check out the many events on Friday evening for the kick-off of this year’s Vorspiel ( . (http://
schedule online Jan 31–Feb 4 2024 only fans allowed
closing concert by Farida Amadou (
life is content energy, energy, energy ticket, tickets, tickets (
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