Feral File migrating their NFTs

Sunday 16th April, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

*This is interesting; I “own” some Feral File NFTs, but I have no “web3 wallet.”

It’s time to move your Feral File NFTs and crypto to your web3 wallet
Over the last year, we have undergone a massive overhaul of Feral File in order to better support web3 technologies.

While we added support for web3 wallets for Ethereum and Tezos exhibitions in 2022, we still needed to migrate older NFTs off the Bitmark blockchain and deprecate our blockchain into an archival state.

In addition, the fall of FTX last November reminded us of how important it was for everyone to self-custody their cryptocurrency and NFTs. This is when we started asking customers to move their funds out of their Wyre wallets on Feral File — over 70% of Feral File customers have successfully taken control of their assets in the past few months.

I am now asking you to move any remaining NFTs and cryptocurrencies held by Feral File to your own wallet by May 31, 2023.

To help make this easy for you, we are offering a simple 1-step migration process to Autonomy, our open-source digital art wallet. We will pay all fees to migrate your account and assets to Autonomy. To learn more about it, visit: https://autonomy.io/

After May 31, 2023:

Any leftover crypto will be considered “abandoned.” Feral File will pool abandoned crypto to purchase Feral File NFTs for giveaway through future Autonomy and Feral File activities. Feral File will not retain its share of revenue from these sales, distributing the full funds to artists and partners.

You will no longer be able to access any NFTs that have not been moved to a web3 wallet. You will be asked to move these NFTs to a web3 wallet before you can view or exercise any of your other collector rights.

E-mail accounts will transition to migrate-only access.

You will still be able to purchase from Feral File with credit cards. Users without wallets will be able to claim their purchases with Autonomy.

Please note that you can link your existing wallets (Metamask, Ledger, Temple, etc.) to Autonomy and have your assets transferred to those wallets through Autonomy. Autonomy can simply function as a viewer for those NFTs. You don’t need to import your private keys.

To start the free process with Autonomy, log in to Feral File using the email address in this email message. At the top of our home page, find the [Move to web3] button to start, as shown below.

If you prefer to move your assets one by one and pay those fees yourself, first log in to Feral File using the email address in this email message.

To migrate your NFTs:

Visit your collection page

Select an artwork

Select the appropriate “migrate” option above the artwork description to start the process. You will need to do this for each artwork.

To transfer your crypto:

On your account page, find the WITHDRAW YOUR FUNDS section on the middle right.

Enter your web3 address.

(Transfers are done on a weekly basis – you will be notified via email once complete)

If you have any questions, please reply to this email (support@feralfile.com) – we’re ready to help.


Michael Nguyễn

Head of Operations, Bitmark

Bitmark makes tools that advance human autonomy. Awarded as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.