An oral history of Processing

Friday 10th December, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*Well, they were there.


Casey: We saw a potential for learning how to code in a more essential and foundational way—that was really the vision of Processing. I don’t really think that was happening at the time. Instead of, to say it in a really crude way, dumbing down coding so designers can understand it, we thought designers and artists and architects can really do a great job with this. It just needs to be presented to them in a way that is motivating for them and engaging. And the web was just extremely essential. The idea that you could export your work, throw it up on a server, and anybody who had a network connection anywhere in the world could see it. Putting the code people have made right there, so everybody can access it and share and learn, was something we picked up from the browser automatically allowing you to view HTML….