An NFT art theft website

Thursday 10th February, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

*They’re not for it; they’re against it, and also, angry about it.

Has your art been stolen in the form of an NFT? Consult the links on the left to see if this resource can help you.

This website is a quickly rushed resource in an attempt to help artists take some sort of action against their artwork being stolen and profited from in the form of rogue NFTs.

Please feel free to contribute to, fork, and redistribute this information by any means. You can find the source for this resource at

Most likely this resource will not be able to be maintained, so if you want to maintain it or even create your own, please do.

This is not a pro or anti NFT resource. This is an anti art theft resource.

Use the left sidebar to find information about an art theft topic.

OpenSea Google Automated Takedown: @batbandage, @hapiel, and @ahkahna
This website and code is currently hosted by Michael Allar, but most likely will not be able to be maintained. If you have any interest in taking over or contributing, please check out the github repo.

Everything here is open for all to be used in any way you want.