Yet another show at Feral File

Thursday 30th September, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*They’re sure not running out of material. If anything, their pace (and their prices) are accelerating.

Feral File and Bitmark are pleased to announce the platform’s seventh exhibition, which will feature artwork from a group of 12 international artists exploring the natural form and its possibilities of representation with AI. Encompassing a variety of formats, each work will be made available to collectors as editioned NFTs.

Participating artists:
Entangled Others (Berlin, DE)
Anna Ridler & Caroline Sinders (London, UK)
Mario Klingemann (Munich, DE)
Scott Eaton (London, UK)
Daniel Ambrosi (California, U.S.)
Vadim Epstein (Moscow, RU)
Terence Broad (Newcastle, UK)
Libby Heaney (London, UK)
Mal Som (Berlin, DE)
Yuma Kishi (Tokyo, JP)
Helena Sarin (New Jersey, U.S.)
Jake Elwes (London, UK)
Each artwork will be released as an edition of 88, with each edition priced at $222 USD.

Curator Luba Elliott on Reflections in the Water:

“Looking into a still pond, we see a clear, gently blurred version of ourselves staring back at us, while turbulent waters return mere rippled echoes of our shape. These changing reflections of ourselves are similar to images generated from data, which can be hyperrealistic depictions of the original, or images that are surreal and barely recognizable, as flaws and errors creep in.

Reflections in the Water looks at the way artists represent nature and humans, using the latest machine learning technologies to conjure seascapes, imaginary marine creatures, autumn leaves as well as musing on the human form, its shapes and possibilities. Masks and faces akin to the grotesque rear their heads, reminding us both of the early errors of these technologies and the eternal human fascination with depicting ourselves. These artists present AI as a tool to both craft new reflections on perennial subject matters as well as a creative partner, conjuring new landscapes, creatures, and human forms.”