“Training the Archive”

Tuesday 6th February, 2024 - Bruce Sterling

Dear All,

I’d like to make you aware of our book publication:

“Training the Archive” includes four new essays by Hannes Bajohr, Mél Hogan, Moritz Ibing et al., and Giulia Taurino, interviews with experts from the field of artificial intelligence, a collection of material in the form of images, information on prototypes and documentation of the accompanying laboratory exhibition and conference.

“Training the Archive” (2020–2023) focuses on the transfer of machine learning methods to curatorial practice and on investigating the extent to which algorithmic models can support the exploration of museum collections. It summarizes the results of the joint research project at Ludwig Forum Aachen, HMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein, and RWTH Aachen University.

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Preface Inke Arns & Eva Birkenstock
Introduction Dominik Bönisch & Francis Hunger
Interview Adam Harvey
Interview Gabriel Pereira
Artificial Intelligence Is a Hot Mess – Mél Hogan
Interview Magda Tyżlik-Carver
Interview Maya Indira Ganesh
In Search of Boundary Objects: A Taxonomy-Based Approach to Algorithmic Co-curation in Archival Collections – Giulia Taurino
Interview Matteo Pasquinelli
Interview Alexa Steinbrück
Interview Anna Ridler
Localized Latent Updates for Fine-Tuning Vision-Language Models – Moritz Ibing, Isaak Lim & Leif Kobbelt
Interview Nick Couldry & Ulises Mejias
Interview Elisa Giardina Papa
Interview Mar Hicks
Whoever Controls Language Models Controls Politics – Hannes Bajohr

ISBN: 978-3-7533-0566-0

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