Three long years of Laura Kampf attempting to makertain a habitable space

Sunday 4th February, 2024 - Bruce Sterling

*Haus Lise Lotte is not so much a “house” as a very extensive, multi-year video performance — but I was so entertained that, last year, I started contributing money to the cause.

*In very similar makertainment news, this is Laura Kampf chief-lieutenant Felix Schelhasse equipping his own makertainment studio with a built-in network of vaccuum cleaners. This is one of the “most German” things I’ve ever witnessed in any video, and in a good way, too.

*Maker culture was about making things, but Makertainment culture is about production studios that can be documented on video. I follow rather a lot of makertainers, and they’re never happier than when they are publicly re-making the space that they are working in, or invading a new space. This trend interests me a lot, because “popular mechanics” are very old, but spaces obliquely financed by social media, those are new.