The new Neri Oxman fab lab

Monday 22nd November, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*That must be some kinda Manhattan atelier.

Neri Oxman launches new studio to “contribute to a better world”

Day 15: Architect and designer Oxman used her Dezeen 15 manifesto and an accompanying movie to set out the vision for her new studio.

“We envision it as a kind of a Bell Labs of the 21st century,” she said in a live interview, comparing it to the legendary innovation department of US telecoms giant AT&T.

The department is regarded as one of the most important research labs of the twentieth century, pioneering the development of technologies including lasers, transistors and photovoltaics.

Oxman spoke live to Dezeen from the unfinished studio space at 787 11th Avenue, which she said will host “an architectural atelier, a wet lab, a biomechatronics shop and electronics shop and a machine shop”.

“It will be a place where interdisciplinary design across scales, across problem contexts and across domains can take place,” said Oxman, who previously led the Mediated Matter Group at MIT.

“It’s carrying through the same spirit of the Mediated Matter Group but this time not stopping with speculative design but looking into how might these designs actually contribute to a better world through tackling real-world commissions.”

In addition to the manifesto, movie and interview, Oxman wrote about two of her projects to help explain her philosophy, describing the Synthetic Apiary II project that investigates the way bees build hives and the robotically fabricated Aguahoja III pavilion….