The Leatherman “Europe 75”

Saturday 10th February, 2024 - Bruce Sterling

*It’s very interesting that the Leatherman company is rapidly getting into limited-edition, high-priced “luxury multitools.” In the case of the “Europe 75” (which is sold out, and no longer commercially available). it’s even a *heritage* “luxury multitool.”

*The original Leatherman “Pocket Survival Tool” was a very American gadget indeed, but it was inspired by an American’s travels in Eastern Europe in the 1970s. So the “Europe 75” is an associational nostalgia item about Europe in 1975, even though no European in 1975 could have had such a tool.

*It’s nice that it features a corkscrew.

*Also, the Leatherman “Garage,” which is a small unit of the much-larger Leatherman company, is something of a design atelier for tools. A kind of “Leatherman Skunk Works.”