The least powerful people in the contemporary art world

Saturday 8th January, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

*This article is better than I expected.


9. Afghan Artists at risk — After two decades of American occupation, Afghan artists were left to the mercy of the regressive Taliban regime, with some facing immediate danger to their lives. Afghani groups in the diaspora and their allies have continuously pleaded with the US to open its borders to artists, performers, writers, filmmakers, photographers, visual journalists, and other cultural workers at risk. Sadly, hundreds were denied entry to the US, and many more are still left behind.

10. Freedom of speech in Hong Kong — It’s been a terrible year for the residents of Hong Kong, who are watching their long-cherished freedom of speech, press, and expression being stamped out by the Chinese central government. Not only has Hong Kong’s only memorial to the Tiananmen massacre been removed, but this week a major pro-democracy media source, Stand News, was shuttered after Chinese authorities arrested six of their journalists….