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Thursday 2nd February, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

*Including Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, my goodness

Now Open: I Know, an exhibition on the aesthetic of truth

Turandot 2070, Lovers I by AES+F. Image courtesy of the artist and Feral File.
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Feral File and synthesis gallery are pleased to announce I Know, an exhibition exploring what an aesthetic of truth might be. Curated by Giorgio Vitale, I Know features an intergenerational group of five artists, each embracing very different aesthetics and artistic strategies. Their works in the show address anxieties about the turmoil we are now experiencing around the world and offer critical reflections on it.

Featuring new artworks from:

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Cibelle Cavalli Bastos
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Claudia Hart
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Yehwan Song
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Exhibition Opening:
February 2, 2023
14:00 UTC+0 (9am New York, 11am São Paulo, 3pm Berlin, 10pm Shanghai)
Collecting begins one hour later

A physical installation of I Know will also be at Transmediale/Vorspiel in Berlin.

Visit the exhibition:
February 2-5, 2023
Salon am Moritzplatz
Oranienstrasse 58, 10969

Join us for a series of conversations
Please join us for a series of conversations between the curator and the artists.

Today, February 2, 17:00 UTC+0 (6pm CET)
OPENING I KNOW TWITTER SPACE with all of the artists in the show and the curator
Sunday, February 5, 17:00 UTC+0 (6pm CET)
SECOND I KNOW TWITTER SPACE with aaajiao, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, and Claudia Hart
Sunday, February 5, 18:00 UTC+0 (7pm CET)
INSTAGRAM LIVE curator tour with Giorgio Vitale from the physical exhibition in Berlin
Tuesday, February 7, 17:00 UTC+0 (6pm CET)
Curator Giorgio Vitale on I Know:

“The ‘truth’ considered in this exhibition is not a scientific or academic one, but rather an imaginative one. It is based on the slow unfolding that viewers experience when they sit with an artwork. In our current post-truth society, in which veracity and accuracy are sacrificed on the altar of hyperbole and misinformation, I Know invites artists to reexamine historical moments and to evoke images of the past in order to claim a place within it. These artists struggle with power, inequality, and discrimination, addressing debates about mass surveillance and the architecture of the web3. The works in the exhibition reflect on traditional modes of thinking, both inside of and outside of the arts, and in so doing make way for future possibilities.”