The Internet Archive is 25 years old

Wednesday 28th July, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

Here’s to the Builders & the Dreamers
This year, the Internet Archive is turning 25. Over the next few months, we’ll be taking you on a journey, from way back to way forward, as we explore the key moments when knowledge became more available to all.

From the Library of Alexandria to the World Wide Web, we’ll be celebrating the world changers–builders and the dreamers who have made knowledge more open. And for us, that dream begins way back in 1996, when a young computer scientist first began archiving the Internet.

Reflections on Turning 25

As a young man, Brewster Kahle dreamed of creating the Library of Everything. Of using computers to create a new medium that would transform knowledge from paper and ink to data that could be analyzed and understood. So how does the Internet Archive’s founder think it has gone? What are the lessons learned for the 25 years ahead?…