The 2023 Work Kit of Design Fiction

Sunday 23rd April, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

*While supplies last.

The Work Kit of Design Fiction — New Augmented & Illuminated Edition

Now available — the 2023 Work Kit of Design Fiction! The World’s Only Other Premium Imagination Tool is available in a fresh, full-augmented, 110% illuminated edition.
The Manual of Design Fiction – Book

Hundred* of prompts across five parameters to deliver a whopping potential of 916,038 possible combinations which means this one 8 ounce box contains 916,038 possible futures multiplied by the extent of your imagination to make sense of every possible combination!

I mean, this is crazy how much rich full-bodied futures are contained within this one box of cards!

How does it work, you ask?

Here’s the drill: there are four “suits” — ARCHETYPE (27 Cards), ATTRIBUTE (23 Cards), OBJECT (26 Cards), and ACTION (21 Cards) + 70/20/10 FOOLS (3 Cards)

Next — pull one card from each suit (either randomly or choose the ones you want, it’s all up to you because the rules are your own rules! Here in Design Fiction land, you can be your own Boss!)

Then — what does the combination become in the future(s) or adjacent present(s) you can imagine!? Now, make that thing — prototype it as a thing that you found while rooting around in the future!

Look — the best way to imagine futures is to imagine futures, and to do that you would be well-served to exercise your imagination. This Work Kit of Design Fiction is like Crossfit for your mind. It’ll give you all the benefits you expect to come from physical exercise, only for your creativity, flexibility, endurance, and waistline.

Get it before it gets sold out, right here at your friendly neighborhood Design Fiction Party Supply Shop.
Thanks for your support! (Seriously!)

– Julian

(Psst — curious what happens when you do this everyday like making your bed? Head over to Dré Labre’s ‘Design Fiction Daily’ newsletter — he’s doing this like push-ups only for his brain!)