Tech-art spies from Russia

Sunday 26th March, 2023 - Bruce Sterling


Mayer’s social media pages show she travelled frequently to promote 5’14 gallery, her online art portal. It is not clear whether she was targeting artistic circles, or merely using the cover job as an excuse to travel and carry out other work. She visited the Zagreb art fair at least twice and also travelled to Britain on several occasions, where she put on a display of works at a gallery inside an Edinburgh shopping mall.

“She was super friendly. She put me in her web gallery, and she also exhibited my work in Edinburgh. This was huge for me, because I rarely get a chance to exhibit my work abroad,” said a photographer based in the Slovenian city of Maribor.

Other artists described meeting Mayer in Zagreb last November. “We had mostly chill talks and funny stuff to kill time,” recalled one Croatian artist who had attended and swapped contact details with her.