Sedition NFTs

Tuesday 2nd August, 2022 - Bruce Sterling


Dear Seditioners,

We’re excited to announce that the Sedition community can now engage with NFTs as a new route to own and enjoy artworks. We have just released a new feature allowing Sedition collectors to mint certain artworks from their Vaults as NFTs.

For this initial phase, selected artworks by LIA, Doug Foster and Can Büyükberber are mintable, and we’ll regularly announce new artworks to be minted as NFTs.

Artworks that have been minted as NFTs can be traded in other marketplaces outside of the Sedition universe – such as We believe that this will offer more secure and independent ownership to our community, more choices in the management of collections and open up new possibilities in the digital art landscape.

Please visit the NFT artwork to see the current list of mintable artworks and NFT Help Center to get more information about NFTs.



We believe that blockchain technology provides secure, transparent ownership to both artists and art collectors. By decentralising ownership records and listing them on the blockchain, your collections and artworks exist independently of Sedition, and will continue to do so regardless – the artwork is truly and forever yours. Additionally, you will have access to a far wider marketplace if ever you wish to sell your artworks.

Sedition has been looking at blockchain technology for some years now – we are one of the companies most suited to the use of NFTs and blockchain technology. It’s not an accident that we are entering this space now. We have held back because there have been some aspects to the technology that concern us. The biggest of these was that Ethereum – our preferred blockchain – uses energy resource-heavy methods to achieve its ends. This is now being resolved, so we finally feel happy to step into this space!

However, we know not everyone wants to engage with the crypto and NFT domains and so we will absolutely not oblige you to do so! The ability to mint an artwork and list your ownership on the blockchain is an option. If you still want to buy, stream and enjoy Sedition artworks in the way you always have, you still can.

Importantly, we intend to do this a little differently! Sedition is about art and artists. Sedition provides a suite of apps and players to allow you to enjoy your collections in the way the artists intended you to see them. Artworks minted as NFTs will be viewable on OpenSea – but to get their full glory as detailed, complex artworks, come back to Sedition and use our apps. Sedition’s priority is always on presenting the best artworks and providing a quality viewing experience.

Please stay tuned for further announcements via our email and social media. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch we’d love to hear from you on our Discord channel.

Warm regards




As Presenting Sponsor, Sedition exhibited at World Blockchain Summit in Singapore and announced our entry into the world of NFTs. We shared our plan and vision for the democratisation of art with the audience of blockchain leaders, technology experts and art lovers.

Visit our Medium post to read more.