Sardinian pattada knives, the tourist-friendly variety

Sunday 1st August, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*Here’s a bunch of Sardinian local knives laid out in a booth in a tourist market. Did I buy one? Yeah, I did. Because the locals are so pleased about them, and so happy for you to have one. Or a dozen. A dozen would be better.

*Also, the Piedmontese have a peculiar historical relationship to the Sardinians, for Piedmont-Savoy was part of the “Kingdom of Sardinia,” but Sardinia, which is just a modest-sized island, was the client-state of the mainland area. The Piedmontese are considered somewhat odd by Italian standards but the Sardinians are downright extraterrestrial; nobody gets them; they’re in an insular world all their own.

*With that said, their knives are much-respected by Italians and a pattada knife is the quality real-deal.