Friday 11th June, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*”RareRooms” is one among many new experiments to host NFT art in virtual spaces, semi-virtual spaces, game-like spaces,  or physical spaces with screens, or  with projectors, or, well, “wunderkammers” of pretty much every descripti0n.

“One description is “metaverse parcel.”  Why is it called a “parcel?” Because it’s unreal-estate of a defined dimension and it can be bought.

Welcome to RareRooms. Here’s our (brief) story.

As a team, we’ve been obsessed with finding new ways to add functionality to digital collectibles and art on the blockchain – NFTs. In December 2020, we launched a new product – Rare Boards: digital NFT art pieces with standalone playable games layered over the art.

The first game we launched as a Rare Board is darts and we partnered with the incredibly talented Alotta Money on the dart board itself (a 1-of-1) and dart collection. After a successful drop on Nifty Gateway, we moved quickly on plans to get new artists to design Rare Boards and expanded the concept to include a room, because, after all, you need somewhere to throw those darts. So if you’re seeing a bunch of darts around people’s rooms, you now know why.

We love the metaverse and are parcel holders in most of the major projects. With RareRooms, we did not set out to create another expansive metaverse. We wanted to develop something simpler and more manageable that did not require the purchase of land. We wanted to create a place that would allow anyone to quickly and easily set up a cool, virtual experience for their NFT collection.

And so with RareRooms our focus on creating new functionality and experiences with NFTs continues. We have launched new experiences featuring 3D art that are compatible with the Rooms with artists like Metageist, FVCKRENDER, Blake Kathryn, Aeforia, Billelis and more through the Artifex Project.

However, at its core, RareRooms will very simply provide NFT collectors an easy way to curate, organize and show off their collection. We hope you enjoy! We know we enjoy seeing and admiring your collections!

Updated June 2021