Processing 4.0 beta 4

Tuesday 25th January, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

Revision 1279 – 24 January 2022

Loooots of changes under the hood to better support more platforms. And by that, we mean Apple Silicon (now in alpha!) and Raspberry Pi devices (once again). And whatever else gets cooked up in the coming years.

For the Windows users, the scaling issues have finally been sorted out. Use 125% and 250% and whatever weird Windows scaling you want, and it will work. You can safely uncheck the “Disable HiDPI scaling” checkbox in Preferences.

Against my better judgement, I’m posting a release that’s native for Apple Silicon. OpenGL is currently broken. Sketches crash immediately. You should only use it if you’re a masochist. Or a masochist that likes extremely fast but very incomplete software, and won’t file bug reports saying “OpenGL is broken.” But it’s being posted for folks who do not need OpenGL, and/or want to help debug. #370

We’ve also moved the FX2D (JavaFX) renderer to its own library, which is available from the Contributions Manager. In related news, the download size is now 230 MB instead of 493 MB.

New features!
New downloads for Apple Silicon (incomplete! #128), and Raspberry Pi (32- and 64-bit). Some things are still broken, so the releases will be on Github but not

The design continues coming together, with new icons for exported applications, document files (.pde, .pdex, and .pdez), plus the Foundation icon used in the Contributions Manager. This work is still in progress, at least until #48 is closed.

Re-implement settings.path to support portable versions. #3948, 362, #360, fixed with 1a49263a

We’re all regressing, why can’t your software?
Double-clicking .pde files on macOS was broken in beta 3. #347

PShape not allowing attibutes of type int. #344, #363

Using P2D with createShape() causing GLException. #353, #367

Fix error in internal utility function to invert scaling. #366, #217, #367

Other fixes…