OGR Torino

Monday 13th March, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

OGR Torino is pleased to invite you to the opening of Perfect Behaviors. Life redesigned by the algorithm, a group exhibition curated by Giorgio Olivero, scheduled for Wednesday 29 March from 8 pm.

Perfect Behaviors will be held in Binario 1 and 2 of OGR Torino from 29 March to 25 June 2023. Thanks to the works of Universal Everything (UK), Paolo Cirio (Italy), Eva and Franco Mattes (Italy), Brent Watanabe (US), Geumhyung Jeong (South Korea) and James Bridle (UK), the exhibition opens up a space for investigation into how individual and collective behavior changes when we are constantly classified, measured, simulated and even reprogrammed.

To highlight the relationship between music, art and technology, at 9 pm during opening night (29 March), Distrust Everything, a performance by Lorem, with be held in Binaio 3 at OGR Torino. The artist will present his new live AV, Tesh, a hymn to imagination as an escape route from the realism that burdens our language and our experience of the world.

We kindly ask you to confirm your welcome presence, and that of any accompanying persons, at the opening and, if you are interested, at the musical performance that will follow, by Thursday 23 March 2023.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further details or assistance you may need.

Best regards,
OGR Torino Communication Office