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Sunday 6th June, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*It’s a press release from the “Serpentine R&D Platform.”


Dear Friends,

Just like many, we have been following the fast-paced evolution of the NFT space, and so on Monday 7th of June at 8.30pm BST/3.30pm EDT, Serpentine’s Legal Lab is organising an event in partnership with Rhizome — From Black Boxes to Open Systems: NFTs and the Law to parcel through the various legal questions that the NFT space raises, particularly where art and tech collaborative processes are concerned. Please register — we’d love to see you there!

The Legal Lab Principal Investigator, Alana Kushnir, has examined the terms & conditions of a wide range of NFT platforms. The findings are quite intriguing. To dive straight in, please take a look at the paper that Alana has consequently put together
(and shout-out to our friends at Amurabi for the summary diagram).

In other news, the final countdown to the launch of Future Art Ecosystems Vol. 2  is on. Please be introduced to a couple more brilliant practitioners whose inputs have been invaluable:

  • Jay-Ann Lopez is the CEO and Founder of Black Girl Gamers
  • Lucy Sollitt is a curator, writer and strategist working with DACS (Design Arts Copyright Society), SPACE Studios and Furtherfield, and led on creative media at Arts Council London between 2010 and 2019
  • Robert Yang “makes surprisingly popular games about gay culture and intimacy”
  • Sam Rolfes is 1/2 of Team Rolfes who are behind the mesmerising digital landscapes in Lady Gaga’s ‘Sour Candy’and Matthew Dear’s Bunny’s Dreams
  • Andie Nordgren is ex-EVE Online Executive Producer at CCP Games, and currently at Unity Technologies


Serpentine R&D Team