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Tuesday 26th April, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

Stanza – The Nemesis Machine
GOGBOT Museum of the Future Part #2 

with UK artist Stanza and his 36m2 mini-metropolis
The Nemesis Machine

opening: this Friday April 29

We are looking back at an incredible first month of our Museum of the Future, which opened on April 1. Local talents and internationally renowned artists worked together to create an ongoing, unprecedented trip on the cutting edge of creative technology. But the Museum of the Future is always changing and evolving! In addition to all current participators in GOGBOT Museum of the Future, we are adding another brilliant mind to the line-up: British artist Stanza will present his massive 36m2 mini-metropolis The Nemesis Machine, which is built out of RAM memory, motherboards, processors and other electronic parts. The installation is a highly evolved version of the work that was at display in GOGBOT Festival 2011, in the Grote Kerk in Enschede. 
Official opening GOGBOT Museum of the Future
part #2

all are welcome!

When: April 29, 20:00
Where: FAKEBAR @ 1st floor WARP Technopolis (Stationsplein)
What: talk by Stanza

Regular museum opening times: 
th. + fr. 20 – 00
sa. 14 – 22
su. 14 – 18

“The Nemesis Machine by Stanza is a smart city in miniature; a twisted, futuristic, cyberpunk version of Madurodam seasoned with social criticism.

– Kees de Groot, Creative Director PLANETART

About The Nemesis Machine

The Nemesis Machine is a mini-city connected to monitoring systems and the world wide web, and simulates the complexity of the urban world around us using networked devices and electronic information. Parts of the city respond to data read from locally installed environmental sensors. For example, a fully operational surveillance camera system records visitors’ faces and movements and measures the presence of polluting gases such as nitrogen and alcohol.

Help us build The Nemesis Machine!

In the run-up to the public unveiling on 29 April, local artists and volunteers will work on the construction of The Nemesis Machine in a free ‘master class’ led by Stanza. If you are interested and want to help build this sick installation, please reach out to Annebel Bunt (+31 6 37 197398).
Participating artists GOGBOT Museum of the Future – Part #2:

Stanza, Floris Kaayk, Sarah Fittererr, Jay-Cee Klees, ViaOral, The One Minutes, Christos Constantinou, Bas Arkes & Deev Bennes (ZIN TUIG), Ilja Kolosovs, Black Brick, Federico Poni, en Len Borghuis. for more info about all artists