New from NOME Gallery

Thursday 3rd June, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

Nome Gallery, based in Berlin, is one of Share Festival’s favorite galleries, since it’s run by a former Share staffer and has a lot of our favorite artists in it.

We’ll be doing a lot of event announcements in the blog, especially for gallerists and events, who have really suffered. ¬†They’re of specialized interest, so we’ll try to warn you first so that you can skip reading them.


Voluspa Jarpa at Art Brussels
online till June, 14th

NOME presents VOLUSPA JARPA‘s project “Syndemic Studies”.

Image credits: Voluspa Jarpa, Estudio 11, 2021, Digital print and drawing on paper, china ink, tempera, rapidograph, marker, reflective ink, 43×55,5x3cm. Courtesy the artist.

NOME presents IGOR GRUBIC‘s series “366 Liberation Rituals”.

Image credits: Igor Grubic, Against Trash, 2008, Archival pigment print, 90x60cm. Courtesy the artist.