New Feral File show coming up

Friday 3rd September, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*Last time around, everything sold in something like a minute and a half.

Instructions Follow

Announcing a new exhibition of digital artwork reflecting on the codes, regulations, and defaults that govern our present time, curated by Pau Waelder.

Exhibition Opening:
September 9, 2021
14:00 UTC+0 (10pm Shanghai, 3pm London, 10am New York, 7am Los Angeles)
Collecting begins one hour later

Neonumens by Solimán López. Image courtesy of the artist and Feral File.
Neonumens by Solimán López. Image courtesy of the artist and Feral File.

Feral File and Bitmark are pleased to announce the platform’s fifth exhibition, which will feature video, web-based, interactive, generative, and conceptual artworks by a group of twelve international artists and artist groups. Encompassing a variety of formats, each work will be made available to collectors as editioned NFTs.

Participating artists:
Lauren Lee McCarthy (Los Angeles, US)
Thierry Fournier (Paris, FR)
Joana Moll (Barcelona, ES)
Guido Segni (Lucca, IT)
Alba G. Corral (Sant Carles de la Ràpita, ES) (Paris, FR/ Berlin, DE)
Martin John Callanan (Fife, UK)
Antoine Schmitt (Paris, FR)
Alix Desaubliaux (Rennes, FR)
Solimán López (Madrid, ES)
Irma Marco (Barcelona, ES)
Varvara & Mar (Tallinn, EE)
Each artwork will be released as an edition of 75, with each edition priced at $75 USD.

Curator Pau Waelder on Instructions Follow:

“The artworks in Instructions Follow explore our relationships with digital devices and information systems from the perspectives of both humans and machines. Overall, the exhibition is a reflection on the instructions and codes that have always been a part of our societies.

Each artist addresses the notion of «instructions» from their own conceptual perspective, focusing on the aspects that directly relate to the subjects they explore in their own unique practice. Hence, the exhibition is characterized by the diversity of the artworks—both in their formal approach, format, and behavior—with some of them establishing a direct interaction with the viewer, whose actions inform the ultimate contents of the piece.”