More attractive Turinese amenities

Wednesday 2nd June, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*This is another of our Share Festival art jurors, Max Casacci.  As you can see, he’s laying down a techno track inside a Turinese palace.


*Here in Torino, we have an abundance of techno music and techno festivals,  and just a plethora of palaces.  This unique combo of the digital and the baroque is an important aspect of our Turinese techno-art sensibility.  If you attend Share Festival, you will likely be inside a palace.  Or else, inside a very large, upgraded industrial car factory, because, technically speaking, they’re very similar.


*Also, we need to make sure that video works on the new blog here, and this video is so profoundly Turinese in look-and-feel that it’s only right that this should become our first one.


*If you visit Turin, this is the “Venaria Reale” Palace.  It has a huge wildlife refuge next to it and has  maintenance robots in its gardens.