Metaverse platforms: Roblox

Friday 4th June, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

It’s been a rough time for art galleries, since sharing infected air with one’s fellow art enthusiasts can be fatal.


However, this situation has been a major boost to virtual 3D environments.  Although online “metaverses” by no means new, they crash less nowadays, they’re better-designed and more entertaining, and  they have some profitable business models.  Also, more people were willing to try them because they were locked-down indoors.  So Covid-19 was kind to that industry.


The most commercially successful metaverse currently is “Roblox.”  Roblox is a construction and gaming platform, mostly for children, with an economy based on “Robux,” an internal game currency.  Roblox dominates through demographics: Roblox has hundreds of millions of users.   


NFT art galleries will make more sense when you realize that they are not art galleries that are created in 3D, but, rather, they are Roblox-like platforms that somehow have some art involved.  Commercially, Roblox is the victory condition.