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Tuesday 25th July, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

*Good luck to them!


Eyebeam unveiled an all new last week at Radical Experiments: Making Space/Breaking Space, a three day showcase highlighting Eyebeam’s recent cohort taking place online and at NYU Tandon @ the Yard. Our redesigned and expanded site is aimed at creating a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible community hub, a space for art and activism, and a key component of our strategy to be digital first. Our site is a work in process, and in the spirit of Eyebeam, iterative and always evolving. And while we will never let go of our roots as a street level, public storefront, a “totally, raw crazy laboratory,” we hope that the new better serves you, our community.

As we continue to grow this space, we want your input so that we can make it a resource for you to connect with our family of artists and technologists, as well as to our dedicated team working to build opportunities for groundbreaking thinkers, makers, and doers. Write to us at

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Eyebeam Executive Director Roddy Schrock, Photo: Whitney Legge

“I am not aware of a moment in history wherein the act of discovery by artists is more necessary,” writes Roddy Schrock in a special message on artists and the transformation that has taken place at Eyebeam on the all new and in Feed, our new content channel featuring the latest ideas from the inventive and exceptional Eyebeam community of artists and thinkers. “We need them to bring the innate mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of what it means to be human into play and inquiry with technology in order to affirm our role as creators, not spectators, of our collective techno-future.” Schrock unveiled the last week in the Brooklyn Navy Yard during day one of a three day artist showcase.

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Eyebeam artist Daniela Ortiz, courtesy of the artist

Together with the current cohort of The Democracy Machine—our radical experiment that throws the reins of Eyebeam over to artists and was celebrated last week—we are announcing an open call for the next and final phase of this profound and meaningful artist-led cycle of transdisciplinary art and activism. In a first ever move, we are issuing an open call for artists by artists, asking What Is Human About Technology? Designed by and with our fellows, we are encouraging artists who work in developing technology that focuses on decolonization, language, the digital divide, especially within the frame of emerging machine intelligences, to apply.

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Eyebeam artist Morehshin Allahyari, Photo: Emily Andrews

Art historian and art critic Cassie Packard, who explores the intersection of visual culture, queerness, networks, and worlding, has embarked with us on a quest to conduct oral histories with alumni. Oral histories will be continually featured in our new editorial channel Feed, and we hope their stories contribute to the sense of community among Eyebeam alumni with shared interests in openness, justice, and equity. In a newly released interview, Iranian artist Morehshin Allahyari tells Packard, “I’ve always been interested in ways in which my work can go beyond the white walls of galleries and museums, and ways in which I can build spaces and platforms that other people can build on.” Packard has also contributed a special and timely essay on oceans of data and dreaming with machines to Feed, the first of original essays we will commission by writers, critics, activists, and organizers.

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