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Tuesday 1st March, 2022 - Bruce Sterling

Dear friends of HEK,

March not only brings spring vibes, but also a varied programme at HEK. The exhibition «Swiss Media Art: Marc Lee, Chloé Delarue, Laurent Güdel – Pax Art Awards 2021» is still open for you and runs until 24.04.2022. Enough time to immerse yourself in Swiss media art.

Speaking of immersion: If you would like to enjoy a deeper insight into the current exhibition, there is an introductory, dialogue-based guided tour with the HEK experts every Sunday at 3pm. Participation in the tour is included in the exhibition admission and does not require advance booking. Furthermore, the first Sunday in March, 06.03.2022, is Happy Sunday and thus free admission to the exhibition.

And for those who want to delve even deeper into the digital world, there will be a Mittwoch-Matinée guided tour on 30.03.2022, which is dedicated to the question of how artists deal with found data. This will be followed by a workshop on the topic of fake news – more relevant today than ever.

And for those on short notice, the Zurich Art March! will take place this Saturday, 05.03.2022. Together with other great speakers, our director Sabine Himmelsbach will discuss the question: “Where do the boundaries lie between the art world and the digital realm of AI? Read more here.

Of course, there is much more to discover and experience in March at HEK! A visit is definitely worthwhile.

We are looking forward to it!
Your team of HEK

HEK in March:

Swiss Media Art: Marc Lee, Chloé Delarue, Laurent Güdel – Pax Art Awards 2021 12.02.-.24.04.2022
HEK Net Works 01.03.2022 – 31.03.2022
Dini Bits @ Chillout 02.03.2022 / 09.03.2022
Happy Sunday 06.03.2022
Grandparent-Takeover 13.03.2022
Family Sunday 20.03.2022
Bit Fabrik – programming club 26.03.2022
Public guided tour in French 27.03.2022
Mittwoch Matinée: Fake News 30.03.2022
Public guided tour every Sunday at 3pm
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