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Wednesday 18th October, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

Dear Friends,

We are immensely excited to announce that we are joining forces with Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst on an R&D and exhibition project that will open at Serpentine in the autumn of 2024. Herndon’s and Dryhurst’s expansive practice encompasses pioneering work in music, machine learning, software development and organisational experimentation.

In their third studio album, PROTO, Herndon and Dryhurst built Spawn — a synthetic voice system that collects voice data during intimate live performances and generates an evolving collective human-machine voice. From Spawn, Holly+ was born, — a tool that makes Herndon’s digital voice accessible for use, and a web3 organisation that gathers a community around new Holly+ creations. The latter are submitted to the Holly+ Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) — a management structure that utilises blockchain technology to make collective decisions about the ‘authenticity’ of the new creations, and underwrites revenue distributions between the creator, the DAO community and the artists. Launched in 2021, Holly+ not only paved a new path for human-machine creativity, but also established an economic prototype for cultural production in the age of AI (both were consequently adopted and adapted by the likes of Grimes). Earlier this year, the duo co-founded with the mission to bolster artists’ agency in a creative economy where AI is the new normal through developing a wider set of tools and strategies.

Our collaboration with Herndon and Dryhurst weaves our mutual interest in a ‘full stack’ approach to cultural production, with artistic experimentation serving as a critical site for shaping how technologies become embedded in society. We will be sharing updates and opportunities to get involved as the collaboration progresses!

Until soon,

Serpentine Arts Technologies

🎢 EXTENDED to 26 November, Exhibition @ Serpentine North | Third World: The Bottom Dimension – Gabriel Massan & Collaborators

Third World: The Bottom Dimension is a journey into a fantastical and thought-provoking world, built by a vital generation of Brazilian artists. It is part of an ongoing and multi-dimensional project of the same name by Gabriel Massan and collaborators, which includes web3 tokens built on Tezos and a video game that explores Black Brazilian experience as it intersects with the impacts of colonialism.

Designed as a responsive audiovisual ecosystem, this interdisciplinary exhibition extends the ideas behind the video game, offering visitors an opportunity to play it and step inside the world of its concepts, emotions and mechanics, and to encounter the broader practices of Massan’s network of collaborating artists and thinkers whose work embraces ancestral knowledge, ecological awareness, and an openness to transmutation.

Visit the free exhibition at Serpentine North until 22 October. No booking required. Find out more here. The game is available for free PC download on Steam here.

3 November, 9am – 7pm BST @ Somerset House | Beyond Cultures of Ownership: Emerging Strategies for Interdependence

How can art and culture help reshape our understanding of ownership? Serpentine Arts Technologies in collaboration with RadicalxChange, Dark Matter Labs and Somerset House Studios invite artists, activists, researchers, technologists and policymakers active and interested in connecting the dots between cultural production, political economies and systems change. If ‘ownership’ is one of the underlying power dynamics of our times that can either create or block possibilities for rebalancing our relationship with technology, the planet, and one another, what new alliances and experiments are necessary to shift beyond it? By creating a space for sharing across different contexts, the day will be dedicated to collectively sketching out new imaginaries and practices for more plural and relational protocols for interdependence.

We are now at capacity, however, we will be sharing further updates and opportunities related to this ongoing project.

From our Community

DACS (Design and Arts Copyright Society, UK) has put out a survey to gauge how artists may be using AI, whether there are concerns within the artist community about AI, and where there may be need for improvements in access, for example through training and professional development. The results of the survey will be used to inform policy recommendations and parliamentary briefings. Please pitch in by 16 October!

Milton Keynes City Council (UK) and partners have an open call for a new public artwork as a tribute to Alan Turing in Bletchley. Based at Bletchley Park during WWII, Alan Turing played a significant part in code breaking and was influential in the development of the Turing machine, which can be considered a model of a general-purpose computer. More information here. Register interest by October 16.

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