Meanwhile, at Rhizome

Monday 30th May, 2022 - Bruce Sterling


As part of Rhizome’s 2022 benefit sponsored by Zora, we are pleased to present Studies in Perception IV: Julie Martin, a 1/1 NFT edition, stored fully on-chain as an SVG file. This work by artist and engineer Ken Knowlton, made with the support of media historian Jim Boulton, was created using a reconstruction of the algorithm that generated one of computer art history’s iconic works, Computer Nude (Studies in Perception I) (1966) by Knowlton and Leon Harman. In addition, Zora has published an interview between Jim Boulton and Ken Knowlton.

Studies in Perception I weaves together important threads in art and technology, and intersects with our 2022 benefit honoree Julie Martin’s own story as well. The work is available for auction on Zora. All proceedes from the NFT auction go to support Rhizome and Ken Knowlton.