Meanwhile, at Feral File

Thursday 26th August, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*This interesting development would presumably leave me owning some Ethereum product for the first time ever.

Hi BruceS,

Please join us this Thursday at 18:00 PDT (UTC-8) on our Discord voice channel for a discussion around Feral File’s draft Ethereum smart contracts.

Here are the key points:

Each exhibition will have its own unique smart contract
The contracts will be ERC-721 compliant
Bitmark NFTs will be able to migrate to Ethereum (see: Bridge Flow).
We hope to get feedback from the community, make any necessary tweaks, and then finish our external security reviews.

As most of you know, Feral File has been minted on the public Bitmark chain. The Bitmark chain is not interoperable with the rest of the NFT ecosystem that has emerged around Ethereum. Our goal is to change this as fast as possible. In these contracts, we also offer the functionality for collectors to move their editions from the Bitmark chain into the Ethereum chain.

Casey Reas & Sean Moss-Pultz(CEO Bitmark)

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— Feral File