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Sunday 17th October, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

Autonomy is now ready for all iPhone users (Android coming this year). It’s the home for all your NFT art and other collectibles — a seamless, customizable way to enjoy your collection. Its beautiful user interface is coupled with a decentralized key management system we initially built to help people protect their Bitcoin.

Download it now on Apple’s App Store.

You would never display a piece of art in your home without thinking about how to frame and light it. Autonomy finally gives you options for how to view and enjoy your NFT collection everywhere you go.

Last month we released an early preview of Autonomy with support for Feral File NFTs. In this alpha release, we’ve added support for Ethereum NFTs (ERC-721) and WalletConnect. In Q4, we will be adding more blockchains like Tezos (Hic et Nunc), in moving towards universal NFT support and functionality such as seed import.

We’d love to hear what you think and we could really use your feedback on the new ERC-721 support.

You can leave us feedback through our autonomy-app channel on Discord.

Announcing our Open Call for Curators

We started building Feral File in June 2020, opening the first exhibition in March 2021. Since then, we’ve increased the options for what forms Feral File exhibitions can take, and now have a modular set of pieces that can be put together by artists and curators in different ways.

We are pleased to invite you to become part of our next wave of curators with our open call for proposals. Learn more about our submissions process here.

Jan St. Werner’s Polyarrythmia

Our next exhibition, Polyarrythmia, will open on October 26, 2021 14:00 UTC+0 (10pm Shanghai, 4pm Berlin, 11pm São Paulo, 7am Los Angeles), and collecting will begin one hour later. With this solo exhibition of electronic musician Jan St. Werner, the idea is to put audio at the forefront, positioning it at the same level as visual work within the framework of digital art. Join us on Discord to engage with other collectors and St. Werner.

Each audio work will be released as an edition of 90, with each priced at 110 USDC. Additionally, the complete set will be released as an edition of 60; with each priced at 990 USDC.
Jan St. Werner on Polyarrythmia:

“Polyarrythmia is an album or an exhibition or a selection of pieces, or maybe just a narrative in sound. None of the compositions have a strict metronome; there is no click or clock. The album as a whole has these interlocking peaks, micro-moments and movements, and then larger arcs, which meet and then disperse. To me that is very much what rhythm is, thus the name Polyarrythmia.”

“The compositions were mastered to be as present and intense as possible. The actual files that people download when they collect will provide the maximum resolution that people will be able to play back. I’m happy for listeners to experience the compositions separately, but to me, Polyarrythmia is a set, it’s a narrative as a whole. The pieces were all constructed in relation to each other, based on a visionary brain space, let’s call it. I was thinking, how far can I let these things drift off? How much space can I give it to unfold and go its own way? When I draw it back, that’s what becomes an individual composition or a piece.”

Our first solo exhibition, Jan St. Werner’s Polyarrythima.
Our first solo exhibition, Jan St. Werner’s Polyarrythima.

Request: Help us Improve our Upcoming Auction Experiences

By the end of the year, Feral File will launch highest bidder and group auctions in support of our artists. I’ll be discussing the details around these auctions and why we’ve decided to implement them as we get closer to launch.

For now, our product team would love to have you test out the user interface to make sure we’re making the bidding process as smooth as possible.

You can join the tests through our #features channel the Platform section of our Discord.

Connect with Feral File

With all our changes, feel free to send us feedback on how they’re working for you and how we can do better. In addition to Discord, we’re also on Instagram and Twitter.

As always, I appreciate your support. Message me anytime with your questions and thoughts.

Michael Nguyễn
Head of Operations, Bitmark

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