Meanwhile, at Feral File

Sunday 19th September, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

Our next exhibition, P1x3L, will open on September 23, 2021 14:00 UTC+0 (10pm Shanghai, 4pm Berlin, 11am São Paulo, 7am Los Angeles), with collecting to begin one hour later. Join us on Discord to engage with other collectors, the artists, and curator Casey Reas.

Each artwork will be released as an edition of 30 (240 editions for sale), with each edition priced at $450 USD. To learn more, see our press release or read on.

(((Well, so much for the earlier price of $75, which, given what’s been going on at Feral File, seems rather less than is reasonable.)))

Curator Casey Reas on P1×3L

“A P1×3L is the atomic unit of digital and generative art. It can’t be quantified. A P1×3L is vibrant and alive. Artists choreograph P1×3Ls and P1×3Ls possess artists. P1×3Ls are ideas about image-making that transcend the technology they flow through…. This remarkable group of artists has each pushed the boundaries of the fields of digital and generative art in their own ways. As a counterpoint to the stream of technology being developed to make itself invisible, these artists foreground the materiality of their medium.

Online spaces for digital and generative art are at the highest energy I’ve seen in over two decades, and things have shifted even since we started organizing this exhibition in June. I’m thrilled to present this new work from a group of artists who committed to digital and generative art over a decade ago and remain vibrant creators. Their past work has stood the tests of time and their current work pushes forward.”

Site Updates: Autonomy on Testflight, Ethereum compatibility

In our last newsletter, I mentioned our work on Autonomy, a mobile-first NFT viewing experience. At first, it will let you enjoy your Feral File collection everywhere you go, but we’ll quickly add NFT support for other blockchains including Ethereum. We’re currently looking for feedback on our TestFlight release (iPhone only) – leave us feedback through our autonomy-app channel on Discord.

We are finishing up development of our ERC721 bridge. We expect collectors to be able to move their editions from the Bitmark chain into the Ethereum chain by the end of October. Feedback from the community was helpful in fine tuning our metadata to make it easy to search for Feral File artworks in Opensea. For anyone interested in the technical details, learn more on our HackMD.
Connect with Feral File

With all our changes, feel free to send us feedback on how they’re working for you and how we can do better. In addition to Discord, we’re also on Instagram and Twitter.

As always, I appreciate your support. Message me anytime with your questions and thoughts.

Michael Nguyễn
Head of Operations, Bitmark