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Monday 30th October, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

Coming November 9: +GRAPH, an exhibition of software + plotter drawings

“Fictional Lullaby” by Licia He

Two years ago, we opened –GRAPH, what would become an iconic exhibition for Feral File’s first year of existence. In November, we’ll open a continuation of that early show in the form of +GRAPH. Like the original, this new exhibition explores the deep historical connection between coding and drawing and brings together artists who engage with both. Five artists — Iskra Velitchkova, Licia He, Aleksandra Jovanić, Julien Gachadoat, and James Merrill — from –GRAPH join us again, with the very exciting addition of Joanie Lemercier.

Each of the six artists in +GRAPH created generative software that is capable of making limitless new drawings and has transformed 30 of these variations into physical works using a plotter machine. Every plotter drawing in this exhibition is a 1/1 artwork, meaning only one will ever be created. Along with each of these unique drawings, there are millions of other compositions that are embedded in the original code.

“The Space in Between #1” by Aleksandra Jovanić

+GRAPH opens for viewing on Thursday November 9, 2023 at 16:00 UTC+0. The 24 hour collecting period starts one week later on Thursday November 16 at 16:00 UTC+0. Join Casey Reas and the artists for the Exhibition Walkthrough on November 14 at 16:00 UTC+0. RSVP here.

Collecting +GRAPH

30 sets of 6 unique generative works are on exhibition, and 22 sets are available for collecting.

Collectors will receive 1 plotter print per piece in their set at no extra charge. These pieces will be plotted by the artist who created the artwork. To receive your physical plotted works, be sure to include your shipping address in your Feral File profile.

+GRAPH will bring back the same highest-bid auction mechanism used to collect sets in the original —GRAPH exhibition. Highest-bid auctions for sets of +GRAPH start November16 at 16:00 UTC+0 and end November 17 at 15:59 UTC+0.

Anyone can place a bid during that time. All you have to do is connect your wallet to Feral File.

Bids placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction extend the auction window by another 10 minutes. The auction ends after nobody places a bid within the extension window.

As part of our Exhibition Notes series, we are excited to share extended talks with the artists exhibiting in +GRAPH. Keep an eye out on our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram) for these and updates about live, online events.

“Mineral #1” by Julien Gachadoat

Now on view: Truth, a group show curated by Adam Berninger of TENDER

“A broken symmetry — the cat’s parabola #55” by HAL09999

Last week was the collecting period for our exhibition currently on view: Truth, a group show of some of the most exciting emerging artists in the space, curated by Adam Berninger of generative art platform TENDER. Collecting has ended, but you can still view these excellent artworks on our site.

Blockstar called the show a “rising-star generative art collection” and the exhibition was spotlighted in Jing Culture & Crypto. In Right Click Save, Berninger sat down with Emily Edelman to talk about his curatorial vision for the exhibition, which looks at “scale as a proxy for contemplating the truth of reality.” Berninger also noted:

“The Feral File format — where you’re looking at sets of works from different series all together — reinforced that potential for different interpretations in a fun, randomized way. Each set might make you think differently about an individual work within it. I was interested in what emergent interpretations might result from that approach.”
Feral File Artist News


Melissa Wiederrecht released Bakhoor Assandal for the kickoff of reGEN: a generative art auction for Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, hosted by ArtBlocks and Right Click Save. See outputs of Bakhoor Assandal and learn more about reGEN here.

A few MoMS from web3 made a MoMA Postcard, started by LoVid which featured Feral File curated artists Anna Carreras, RalenArc, Ana María Caballero, Kalen Iwamoto, Connie Bakshi, Melissa Wiederrecht, Anne Spalter, In/Visible curator Linda Dounia, as well as others artists Sarah Ridgley, Jimena Buena Vida, Emily Weil, Danielle King, and Sarana. See Cadmium-8Bit-Aquatint here and sign up to receive a blank MoMA Postcard here.

Dmitri Cherniak released “Ringers: The LACMA Iterations” with Avant Arte in September. Learn more about the curated drop and LACMA’s other recent NFT acquisitions here.