Makertainment studio: Thought Emporium

Tuesday 5th October, 2021 - Bruce Sterling

*That’s the biggest and most elaborate such enterprise that I’ve seen to date. Laura Kampf’s workshop in Cologne may be physically bigger, but the equipment here is otherworldly.

*This isn’t so much “technology art” as engineering and pop science, but the videos are the creative artifacts. In “makertaionment,” it’s not enough to “make” things, their construction has to be documented on video for the sake of the business model. So they’re studios, garages, labs, ateliers, and also and primarily, video stages.

*You may notice the lack of cabinets here. Everything is visible on walls. Adam Savage calls this “first order of retrievability,” but it’s also “first order of YouTube visibility.” It’s not an accident that modern Makertainment has evolved out of the cinematic special-FX studio.

*This is a really modern Maker video and has the feeling of some kind of corner being turned; it’s like a Fab Lab where Web 2.0 share-ability is behind us and social media is generously paying the bills.

*My guess would be that the next such innovation is a maker space supported by non-fungible tokens. But really: just look at the scale of this thing, and the elaboration of the hardware.