Maker Faire Rome: call for Makers

Friday 20th May, 2022 - Bruce Sterling


That’s right! Maker Faire Rome turns ten this year.

Ten years of innovations and ideas that have turned into concrete projects, of inventions that have improved and revolutionised entire sectors of our society, realising things that seemed remote and even unattainable a few years ago.

Ten editions that have brought together people, thoughts, opinions, knowledge, skills from all over the globe, which have built ever stronger and unbreakable bonds through a universal language: that of innovation.

#MFR2022 will be a held as a true “special edition” preceded and followed by a series of events and initiatives – including digital ones – which span beyond the three-day Exhibition.

From 7th to 9th October, we will be back in person in Rome but also online on our website and social channels, so as to reach the public everywhere and give everyone a chance to attend the event.

Attend Call for Makers and join the unrivalled team of makers, innovative companies, start-ups, and craftspeople whose contribution over the last ten years has made of Maker Faire Rome the most exciting innovation event in Europe.

What is Call for Makers?

Call for Makers is an amazing opportunity to present your innovations at Maker Faire Rome 2022.

If our curators select your proposal, we shall offer you an exhibition space, free of charge, where you can present your project to the public, exchange commercial or in-depth information and interact with #MFR2022 visitors.

Call for Makers 2020 aims to promote innovation through the diffusion of digital culture and the development of individual and collective entrepreneurship, rewarding the projects that are deemed most worthy.

The digital section, entirely devoted to conferences, workshop talks and training and information events, will be held on dates other than those scheduled for the in-person event.

Participation in Call for Makers 2022 is free of charge and open to all Italian or foreign subjects – whether natural or legal persons – who intend to present their project and participate as per the options listed below…