Lamina1 and its metaverse

Monday 20th March, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

Lamina1, co-founded by Snow Crash author Neal Stephenson, announced its first partners in an early access program to develop an open metaverse ecosystem. Lamina1 is a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for the open metaverse.


Partners include HTC, Dubit,, and Neon Media.
They will receive early access to features and support in onboarding to Lamina1 while providing feedback and test cases.
Partners were selected for their work in the immersive, gaming, and XR spaces, with a proven track record of building engaging, high-fidelity experiences.
The initial members are a small group of developers.
They will receive personalized support in testing and integrating their tech and experiences onto Lamina1.
The program will provide builders with the access and support they need to jumpstart the development of an ecosystem populated with experiences and tools.
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Those interested in the program or the Lamina1 Testnet can visit or join the community at