June on Feral File

Wednesday 31st May, 2023 - Bruce Sterling

June on Feral File: Linda Dounia Rebeiz curates In/Visible, Kim Asendorf show sells out, and big news forthcoming

Artwork by Minne Atairu, from the upcoming exhibition In/Visible
New group show, works still available, and soon huge news

Opening June 12, In/Visible presents new work by ten Black artists that explore AI as a means to be known and seen, to tell their stories, and to hold space for humanity. The artists featured are Adaeze Okaro, Afroscope, Arclight, Jah., Linda Dounia Rebeiz, Minne Atairu, Nygilia, Rayan Elnayal, Serwah Attafuah, and Zoe Osborne.

Artwork by Serwah Attafuah, from the upcoming exhibition In/Visible
Last month, we released Kim Asendorf’s spectacular COLORS OF NOISE, which sold out in a matter of hours. As always, you can still view the exhibition on the site. We also recently released Rick Silva’s BLOOMCORE, new work created from hundreds of 3D-scans of blooming flowers Rick captured in the Pacific Northwest last spring. There are still editions left of this epic artwork — don’t miss out.

Meanwhile, we’re busy putting together two exhibitions that get at the very heart of Feral File’s work over the last years and feature an unreal number of the artists we most admire. It’s extremely exciting and hard not to talk about, but… more on that soon.

Kim Asendorf everywhere

“COLORS OF NOISE”, Kim Asendorf
Decrypt published a great interview with Kim Asendorf, also known as “The Metallica Video Director Who Makes NFT Art Designed to Hypnotize.” Asendorf also has an interview in Jing Daily, and his recent exhibition COLORS OF NOISE was written-up in FAD magazine and NFTcalendar.

And ICYMI: We published our own interview between Kim and curator Peggy Schoenegge, which covered everything from shades of noise to the role of the algorithm to how it was for Kim to bring his acoustic and visual practices together for his new work.

In other news…

Feral File artists are out there making headlines. Peter Burr’s Exhibition: “The Pixel Generation” opens May 17 at Unit London, in collaboration with Right Click Save. Read more about it in an interview between Peter and Charlotte Kent, “PIXEL ART AND THE AGE OF TECHNOSTALGIA.” And in July, Peter is launching a new digital artwork at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Lauren Lee McCarthy is the recipient of LACMA’s 2022 Art + Technology Lab Grant and the new project Surrogate was also written about in CreativeApplications.Net V5. A written interview between Lauren and Bhumikorn Kongtaveelert and a video conversation between Lauren, Nora Khan, and Mindy Seu are now available online.

In acquisition news: the Whitney Museum of American Art has acquired Auriea Harvey’s work in conjunction with the exhibition REFIGURED! Auriea was also commissioned by the Whitney to create a project for Artport, the result of which is the brilliant SITE1.
Feral File 2.0 and Refik forever

Still from “Unsupervised — Data Universe — MoMA”, Refik Anadol

During the weekend of May 19–21, we hosted a burn event for Refik Anadol’s Unsupervised — Data Universe — MoMA artwork. The work is a global AI data painting that simulates a latent walk among the Museum of Modern Art’s digitized collection and was minted as an edition of 5,000 as part of Refik’s Unsupervised exhibition on November 18, 2021.

The goal of the burn was to reduce the total supply of the artwork and reward Refik’s most loyal collectors. Collectors could opt to burn either 3, 6, or 9 editions of the work in exchange for 3 different reward tiers. Each tier featured a new digital artwork, a new physical work, and a day pass to the MoMA. The burn was a great success, reducing the total supply by 32.4%. All one hundred Tier 3 collections sold out, and 65 Tier 2 and 110 Tier 1 collections were redeemed.

Our team worked hard to bring this project to life, and we are thrilled with the outcome. Thanks to everyone at Refik Anadol Studio and MoMA who supported the project along the way!

And finally, we have some exciting news coming soon! All we’ll say now is keep a look out for Feral File 2.0, which will include a new exhibition program, a new way to collect works, and a totally refreshed look 👀

Thanks for reading! We’ll leave you with this good tweet.